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Digifest, Digital Festival, Digifest – May 3rd 2017

So we’ve kind of converted this space from a Dev Blog that wasn’t being used to a News page that might actually see some action. Welcome to the first news!


Last week we attended the awesome Toronto event Digifest 2017 to showcase GravAxis, and we got some awesome feedback from (nearly) everyone who played the game. Up above you can see us playing a round with some strangers, which was a fantastic change of pace. This week we’re bug fixing, polishing, and working on what to work on next.

The event started with us not having any chairs in front of our booth – which makes sense, as it would restrict movement for crowds. But it got me thinking. One of the issues with showcasing multiplayer titles is that it’s awkward to stand around playing a game. That’s never how we play games in our natural habitats. We’re always slouched into a chair or couch. Once we moved some chairs to the front of our booth, we got some really engaged players, and better feedback. And crowds! When the people playing the game are sitting, other people can stand behind them and watch, instead of wandering off to put a VR headset on and have their entire mind blown.

I know this isn’t realistic, but there is a significant part of me that wants to buy an old beat up comfy couch and bring it to events. Maybe even find a beer saturated rug and an IKEA lamp to complete the illusion of a crappy college living room. Only in dreams I guess.


This weekend is TOJam!  We’ll be participating, and hopefully end up with a project worth sharing. The last time we did a jam, we made something kind of fun but also pretty janky and weird. If all goes well, we’ll post the results here. Otherwise we’ll keep our damn mouths shut and never admit to having participated at all.

P.S. Read the title of this post to the rhythm of the best theme song of all time.